Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Few Recent Projects

 Today is just show and tell.  I do not have any files to share today.  I am working on some fun ones though, so keep your eyes open!!
Here are a few rhinestone shirts.  
 This is rhinestones around heat transfer vinyl with glitter vinyl layered on top.  We did 63 of these to raise money for the Making Strides Against Cancer walk in our community benefiting the American Cancer Society. 
Made this one for my daughter.  It is one of her favorite TV shows.  I mean really, what makes for better television than the zombie apocalypse?!
 This was designed by one of my daughter's friends as her birthday present.  She told me what she wanted and I put it together.  I love the lace up hockey sweatshirts.   
 This was part of a baby gift, onsie with baby's name.
 Finally, this was part of the same baby gift.  Cloth diapers make the greatest burp cloths!!
Thanks so much for looking!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bling It or Cut It or Both: Jack O' Lantern

This Jack O'Lantern can be cut in vinyl, placed in stones or both.
You can download the Jack O'Lantern with the rhinestone outline as one file here in svg or here in dxf.

Remember to re-size the files in your cutting program before you cut them if you plan to use stones.  The correct size for 10ss stones is part of the file name.  If you lock your proportions when you re-size, you should only have to re-size one dimension.  When you bring it into your cutting program, ungroup it to separate the stones from the vinyl. 

Happy cutting!! (and blinging)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bling It or Cut It or Both: Witches Hat

I have been busy making some Halloween files, love Halloween.  This one is a witch's hat that can be cut in any medium at any size using the svg file, or put on a shirt outlined in rhinestones or cut all in stones, it is up to you.  Here is what we have today:

You can dowload the witch hat, non-rhinestoned version here in svg or here in dxf.  Sorry, the rhinestone files are only available in svg format.  The rhinestone outline can be downloaded here in svg and the all rhinestone file, with weeding boxes, can be downloaded here in svg format.

Remember to re-size the rhinestone files in your cutting program before you cut them.  The correct size for 10 ss stones is part of the file name.  If you lock your proportions when you re-size, you should only have to re-size one dimension.  If you want the svgs in dfx format, you can see this post for how to convert an svg to dxf so you can use it in your standard version of the Silhouette Studio software.

Happy cutting!! (and blinging)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Tree Wall Decal

My daughter saw this at one of the discount stores and wanted it on the wall in her room:
Of course we couldn't just buy the one she saw, that would be way too easy.  She wanted some color to match her room, so this is what we ended up with:

The tree is about 4' tall and 3' wide.  A few more things on the walls and we will be good to go!  Now we just need to find the right shade of pink and make her another one for her room at her dad's house.  Practice makes perfect.  Thanks for looking!! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Bling

Here is a little Halloween bling for you.  When you import it into your program make sure you re-size it to 7.641" wide x 4.108" tall.  This is the size it was made for, and will be perfect for 10ss sized stones.  The size of the file is part of the file name, so you don't need to write it down.  I am a big fan of keeping it simple.
I think this would be a great on a t-shirt with a clever saying with it.  Bite Me is the first thing that pops to mind, but I know there must be other clever sayings that aren't so negative sounding.  Can you think of any fun sayings for this one??  Download the file here is svg format and here in dxf (for Silhouette Studio standard edition users) format.
If you would like the file in non-stoned format, you can download it here in svg and here in dxf.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If It Doesn't Move (and even if it does) It Needs Bling!!

With the long weekend I had a little bit of free time to complete a couple rhinestone projects.  Gotta love the bling.  First one is a shirt I made for myself with a file I purchased from The Rhinestone World.  I think I bought it as a Sunday night mega deal some time ago, or on a day where the daily deal was $5 off.  Anyway, I love how it turned out, pictures do not do it justice.    
The next items are in honor of back to school.  I made this shirt for my daughter.  It is a school spirit shirt.

This one is the same design, only put together a little differently and made as a car decal.  I love the rhinestone decal material that I use for the decals and the water bottle below.  The best deal I have been able to find is at craft vinyl without buying a whole roll(scroll almost to the bottom just under the Sticky Flock).  They sell 3 - 12 x 18" sheets for $24.95.  (plus about $8 shipping)  Anybody know of a better deal or maybe a great deal on a roll??  I love this stuff, so many possibilities!! 
Here is the water bottle I was talking about, it is a birthday gift for a brand new teenager!!

Last one, same decal material but on a tumbler.  I got the wine glass from The Rhinestone World.  I bought it with a $5 off coupon.  Great deal!!  The font is from Rhinestone Alphabets. She has a ton of different styles and sizes of fonts, mostly $12 and less.  I have a few fonts in differnet sizes cut out of sticky flock and ready to go when I need a quick project on the fly and no time to cut a template.   

As always, thanks for looking!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Nothing says summer like koozies.  I have made a few this summer and have had a great time doing them with both rhinestones and heat transfer vinyl.  I made a set of eight WE Fest koozies for a friend; four for men and four for women.   Here is what the men's style looked like:
front                                                  back
The front of the men's and the women's styles looked the same.  But the women needed a little bling on the back. These are hard to photograph because they are so sparkly!! 
The font for the names and 2012 on all of these is LD Shelly print.  You can get it from Lettering Delights for $3 or $12.95 for a commercial license here.  I really like this font.  I usually beef it up a little bit using my cutting software.

The template for the cowboy hat can be downloaded from Rhinestone Artwork for FREE here.  It is set up for 10ss stones.  It is one of the free files they have, they also have several for $1. 

I got my koozies from blank koozies.  There is no minimum order amount, they have a variety of colors and you can mix and match colors for a volume discount.  Craft vinyl is another option for koozies.  I like to have a couple of sources so I can shop shipping charges, and depending on how many I am ordering, one may be a better deal over the other.

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I LOVE the Latest Sign I Made!!

 So here is my latest project. I cannot wait to make a bunch more of these. It was so fun and I am happy with the way it tuned out. I made this as a birthday gift for a good friend. It is her last name, the names of everyone in thier family and fun words describing them. 

I started with a board that looked like this, only bigger and a different style, but you get the idea. It  is an unpainted cabinet door.
I taped the inside part with (blue) painters tape as I wanted to keep that portion unpainted.  I then painted the border black and the inside white.  I used latex paint and primer all in one.  Primer is important.  If you do not have a paint plus primer make sure you do a layer of primer before you paint and let it dry thoroughly.  You will be much happier with your final project if you prime first.  It will also require less coats of paint to cover your board.  I did two coats on the border and two coats on the inside.   Your base color on the inside is the color you want your lettering to be when your project is complete. 
 I had laid out my design and cut it with my Cameo, weeded it and applied transfer tape.  Make sure you use a color of vinyl that contrasts with both colors of paint you will be using.  Use removable vinyl so it peels off easier.  You can use contact paper as well, it is less expensive.  I prefer the removable vinyl though as I think it removes easier later one.  It will make peeling it off when the time comes easier
Once my paint for my base coats had dried thoroughly I laid the transfer tape with my vinyl design on my board, rubbed it down well and peeled it off.
This is what the applied vinyl looks like.
Then I do another layer of my base color over the top.  I actually did two layers to be sure, but one should be just fine.  I am a bit of  a perfectionist.  This will seal around the edges of the vinyl letters and if any paint bleeds through onto your letters, it will be the same color and you won't be able to see it.  This will guarantee your final product has a crisp, clean look with no bleeds!!
You then apply your background color to the top of that.  I did two layers of black.  When I paint I do not lay it one thick.  Less is more!
Let it dry thoroughly, then peel off all of your vinyl letters. 
Now this looked way to crisp, clean and shiny to me. 
So when I finished removing all my vinyl and peeled off my painters tape I took my mouse sander to it and sanded the crap out of it.  Way better, I prefer the distressed look.

Make sure you distress your edges as well. 
I also put a layer of matte sealer on it.  I use this one. I do not like a glossy look.


VIOLA, final product.  I hope my friend Gretchen likes it!!
Now go make your own fun signs, the sky is the limit!!  Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rhinestone shirt to share

We have a group of friends that spend the weekends out on the water trying to discover as many lakes each summer as we can.  We call ourselves the lake gypsies, hence the shirt!!  This one is for me.

I used Inkscape to generate the single line text using the Hershey Extension.  This is a great tool to become familiar with if you are interested in rhinestones.  If you want to learn more about generating single line text using inkscape, here are some resources for you:

Inkscape Tutorial.
Youtube video.
Information on how to get and install both Inkscape and the Hershey extension.  

The single line fonts convert to stones so much easier, and they are tough to find.  A google search for single line fonts or engravers fonts will turn up a few.  I used SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) (You can also use MTC (Make the Cut) or Silhouette Studio DE) to convert the single line text to stones. There are higher end types of software out there made specifically for rhinestones, I have just been too cheap (and broke) to get one of them.

If you are interested in the margarita rhinestone file, this one to be exact:
you can download it here in svg format or here in dxf format.The size of the file is in the file name.  Make sure if it doesn't import into your cutting program at that size, you re-size it so the holes are the right size.

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Small Flower Bling

Here is a small flower rhinestone template I made.  I am planning on blinging up some can koozies and wanted a small sized flower.  This is for 10ss stones.  Download the file here in svg format.  Here in DXF format.  When you import the file into whatever program you are using it should measure 1.290 x 1.377.  If it doesn't resize it so your holes cut at the correct size. 
Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Dinosaur

Here is one more dinosaur.  Download here in SVG format.  Download here in DXF format.  For more see this post.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Font I Discovered

 Here is a fun font I discovered earlier today while perusing the net, Kingsthings Willow and it's slightly less busy counterpart, Kingsthings Willowless.  Very fun!!  Download them both free here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinosaur Cut Files

I made some dinosaur cut files for a friend's eight year old to put on the walls in his bedroom.  Boys like dinosaurs.  When you are older than five or six though, you like mean looking dinosaurs, none of these T-Rex's with big smiley faces.  So here are the two I came up with.  I am hoping to do a few more as these were fun to make and cut. You will want to pull some of the small detail out of these if you cut them at a smaller size.  The detail was perfect though for the 11.5" height I cut them at.

You can download the ceratoraus here in svg and here in dxf.  You can download the triceratops here in svg and here in dxf.  Happy cutting!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Attention Sports Moms: Part II

Find part one here.
Download in svg here.
Download in dxf here.
Happy Cutting!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attention Sports Moms

Here are some cutting files for the sport's moms out there.  These can be used on shirts, tumblers, water bottles or whatever your creativity dictates.  Lots of options.  You can download the set here in svg format and here in dxf format. When you import it into your cutting program just ungroup the set and delete the ones you do not want.  Then resize and cut!!

I will be posting more of these real soon. I have some other sports mom posts on my blog as well.  Baseball moms, soccer moms, basketball moms This is a fun one too.

I wold love to see projects you make with my files.  I am going to start a reader's gallery of projects using files on my blog.  If you think of it, could you drop me a picture of any of your creations using my files to

Happy cutting!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Subway Art for Inspiration

I love this subway art.  I am going to try and recreate it using vinyl as a stencil.  I will share the file if i ever get it done!!  Wish me luck!!  Sorry for the crappy picture. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blinging It Up!!

I made this shirt for my daughter tonight using my flip flop rhinestone file from this post.  They are all size 10ss stones.  I bought the alphabet file from Rhinestone Alphabets.  It is the RA SingleLine Casual Small font.  It is $10 for upper and lower case letters and numbers.  Their alphabets come in font format (ttf files) but if you are anything like me you like them ready to cut.  If you request the cut file in SVG format and they have it in that format they will send that to you which saves you the time of formatting the font into the cut boxes to cut.  Most of their fonts are $10-12, heck of a deal!!  The font from this post (SPUDS) is also from them. I love to make my own files, but alphabets are time consuming.  For the small amount they charge for a whole alphabet I would rather buy the alphabet and focus my energy on creating the files.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

Thanks for looking!!