Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer Shoes

I needed some cute flip flop/sandal files, so I thought I would make a few.  Hope you like them!!

Download this flip flop file here in svg format.
Download this flip flop file here in svg format.

Download this cute sandal file here in svg format.  I think the "bling" on the shoes without the "buttons" would look great with some rhinestones.

Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Floating Frame

The top photo is one last item I made to donate to the silent auction at my daughter's school.  The letters look a little wonky.  You can see both the letter and the reflection from the lettering on the wall behind the floating frame.  The bottom is just a screen shot of the trxt only file.  If you like it, you can download the text only file here in svg format, less the flourishes.  The flourishes are from My Vinyl Designer's embellishment collection.  The script font is Edwardian Script.  The printed font is Georgia.  Thanks for looking.

School Spiritware

I made this set of four glasses to donate to the silent auction fundraiser at my daughter's school.  They are so easy and quick.  I made a set last year to donate and they sold immediately for the buy it now price.  Didn't have to go through the silent auction at all.  Everybody wins!!  Thanks for looking!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A couple Toddler Shirts

I made a few things for my friend's daughter using heat transfer vinyl.  Gotta love that stuff!!
Font on the blue and brown outfit is Mr. Giggles.  Thanks for looking

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Tile

I love this tile, I am donating it to a fundraiser for my daughter's school.  I bought the file as part of a package from Vinyl Ready Designs when I first started cutting vinyl and didn't know how to make my own files.  I changed it up so much, I actually just started over with it.  The font is Aquarelle.  The flourish on the bottom is from My Vinyl Designer's embellishment collection, a great deal for $8.95, even less if you have a discount code.  The two swirls in the middle I made, they are the same just left right flipped, and can be downloaded here. Thanks for looking!!

A Damask Tile

I wanted to use some of the files I made last weekend so I used the single damask element found at the bottom of this post, created a background out of it and sized for a 6" tile.  I simplified the single damask element a bit so I could cut is at a smaller size.  Download the damask background from the tile here.  The font on FAMILY is Georgia.  I wouldn't cut the backgrond smaller than 6", it was a bear to weed. 
Thanks for looking!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

There Is Room For Vinyl Just About Everywhere!

In my latest attempt to put vinyl where no vinyl has gone before, I came up with this one.  Hot pink vinyl underneath the toilet seat!!  I think the message is loud and clear to the males that use this bathroom!! 
Font is Hobo Becker.
This is the second vinyl saying under this particilar toilet seat.  The first one said "Please be sweet and close the seat."
Either way, it gets a chuckle out of our male houseguests!!
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Patterns To Make Your Own "Print" Vinyl

I have been making my own "print" vinyl by taking a pattern cut out of one color of vinyl and layering it over a contrasting color vinyl.   There are several posts on my blog that offer svgs you can use to do this yourself.  Find some of those here:
Animal Prints
Polka Dots

Here are a few more you can use in much the same way:

Modified Houndstooth svg here

Swirl Pattern svg here

Complex damask svg here.  (For those of you with lots of patience who like to weed!!)

A damask element here

Hope you find a use for one or two of them!!   Thanks for looking!

Dots, Dots, and More Dots

Here are some polka dot files for you, easy enough to make, but nice to have in lots of sizes.  These can be cut as polka dots to embelish your projects with.  You can also use these to make your own polka dot vinyl.  Just cut a page of the dots, weed, and then transfer all the dots with transfer tape to a base sheet of vinyl in a contrasting color, and presto, you have polka dot vinyl!! 
Find the svg of the small dots here.
Find the svg of the medium dots here.
Find the svg of the large dots here.
Find the svg of the x-large dots here.

Thank You!!

Yippee!!  I received the Stylish Blog award, TWICE!  How awesome is that??  I am emabarassed to admit it was in February.  Where does the time go??!!

I have previously passed this on, but I so appreciate receiving it again and want to thank these great bloggers for honoring me with it.

Thank You to
and Thank you to

Check out their blogs for al kinds of cool stuff!!


Make Your Own Camoflauge Vinyl

Here is a file I threw together so you can make your own camoflauge vinyl, in any color cobination you would like.  It is in three sepaerate layers.  I would cut each layer out of a different color and then pick a base color to layer them on top of.  I would hand layer them one at a time so you get the look you like, while avoidng three or four layers in places.  Hope you can use it for something.  The preview picture is all three layers of the SCALfile preview.  Find the scut2 file with all three layers here.
Find the svg of layer one here.  Find the svg of layer two here.  Find the svg of layer three here.