Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attention Sports Moms

Here are some cutting files for the sport's moms out there.  These can be used on shirts, tumblers, water bottles or whatever your creativity dictates.  Lots of options.  You can download the set here in svg format and here in dxf format. When you import it into your cutting program just ungroup the set and delete the ones you do not want.  Then resize and cut!!

I will be posting more of these real soon. I have some other sports mom posts on my blog as well.  Baseball moms, soccer moms, basketball moms This is a fun one too.

I wold love to see projects you make with my files.  I am going to start a reader's gallery of projects using files on my blog.  If you think of it, could you drop me a picture of any of your creations using my files to

Happy cutting!!


  1. cute file thanks for sharing

  2. How fun! Thank you! This is perfect for my daughter.

  3. Thanks - Its adorable for next year's mothers day cards.

  4. Thanks Michelle. Real cute and so useful. Yellowrose

  5. Could you do chheer mom maybe with a pompom and softball mom yellow ball and basketball mom all together please and tag me ? Thanks Jill Vierra