Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I picked up these insulated lunch totes awhile back thinking they would make great gifts for the legal assisatnts in our office.  They turned out great.  There was a design on one side with their name on the other.  I used heat transfer vinyl to do these.
 The Font on this one is Good Vibrations and the scallop circle is Denise's, you will find it here.

I can't share the Vikings logo here as it is copyrighted.

This one has the font LD Delightful from Lettering Delights, one of my new favorites!!  The flip flop file is here.

I got the margarita file in this one from the SCAL forum.  Great file, you can find it here.

 I bought this one from My Vinyl Designer when it was on sale for 10 cents!!  If you want to make it yourself it is just Mr. Giggles font and a swirly sun.
 This is the same scalloped circle from above.
I made this file and can't share due to copyright issues.

 I got this file from Mardenz's blog, find a whole Disney collection here.
 This is Walt Disney Script font and is the other side of the Mickey Mouse tote above.
 This is my new favorite font, LD Delightful and is the other side of the Indian tote.  All of the other totes have the name on the other side in this same font.

These were super fun to make!!  Thanks for looking!!


It is getting to be that time of year, time for margaritas on the deck!!  Here is one I made last night!!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Waiting For Spring

It has snowed every week for the last two, and more snow is forecast for this week/weekend.  Arghhhh!!  I know spring is out there somewhere!!  Here are a few files I made to welcome spring!! You can download an SVG of the garden fairy here.  You can download an SVG of the hibiscus with leaves here.   You can download an SVG of the bunch of flowers here.  Hope you like them.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Leaf Frame

I love this frame.  I am going to make a set of coasters using this file and vinyl.  The font I used for the L is Coronet.  I'll post a picture when they are done, which should probably be about this time next year!!  LOL.  If you like the frame, find the svg here (without the L) and add your own initial.

Thanks for looking!

Easter Cross: UPDATED 4/11

Seems the perfect time of year for this file. Someone on the Smart Buy Gal Forum, one of the message boards I frequest, wanted a file similar to this converted from a picture. Well, I couldn't get the file to convert, so I made my own version using the basic shapes library in SCAL. Download the svg of the plain cross here and put your own word in it. Download the svg of the FAITH cross here. Font on FAITH is Georgia with a shadow applied in SCAL.

4/11 UPDATE:  I added a shadow file for the cross here.  Thanks FayeP from SmartBuyGal for the idea.  The second picture is how the file looks shadowed!!

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

T-shirt for the Hubby

I made a t-shirt for the hubby with heat tranfer vinyl.  The graphic matches his snowmobile windshield and the saying is a poker related.  We enjoy playing a little poker with friends from time to time, so this seemed fitting!!  It says:  "Nice Hand, Sir! (And by hand I mean catch, and by Sir I mean moron.)"
I think he likes the shirt, but the blue is a little bright for him.  Can't win them all!!
Thanks for looking.