Monday, May 7, 2012

Blinging It Up!!

I made this shirt for my daughter tonight using my flip flop rhinestone file from this post.  They are all size 10ss stones.  I bought the alphabet file from Rhinestone Alphabets.  It is the RA SingleLine Casual Small font.  It is $10 for upper and lower case letters and numbers.  Their alphabets come in font format (ttf files) but if you are anything like me you like them ready to cut.  If you request the cut file in SVG format and they have it in that format they will send that to you which saves you the time of formatting the font into the cut boxes to cut.  Most of their fonts are $10-12, heck of a deal!!  The font from this post (SPUDS) is also from them. I love to make my own files, but alphabets are time consuming.  For the small amount they charge for a whole alphabet I would rather buy the alphabet and focus my energy on creating the files.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

Thanks for looking!!

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