Monday, July 2, 2012

Rhinestone shirt to share

We have a group of friends that spend the weekends out on the water trying to discover as many lakes each summer as we can.  We call ourselves the lake gypsies, hence the shirt!!  This one is for me.

I used Inkscape to generate the single line text using the Hershey Extension.  This is a great tool to become familiar with if you are interested in rhinestones.  If you want to learn more about generating single line text using inkscape, here are some resources for you:

Inkscape Tutorial.
Youtube video.
Information on how to get and install both Inkscape and the Hershey extension.  

The single line fonts convert to stones so much easier, and they are tough to find.  A google search for single line fonts or engravers fonts will turn up a few.  I used SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) (You can also use MTC (Make the Cut) or Silhouette Studio DE) to convert the single line text to stones. There are higher end types of software out there made specifically for rhinestones, I have just been too cheap (and broke) to get one of them.

If you are interested in the margarita rhinestone file, this one to be exact:
you can download it here in svg format or here in dxf format.The size of the file is in the file name.  Make sure if it doesn't import into your cutting program at that size, you re-size it so the holes are the right size.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. hi do you have any rhinestones fontes available? Hope you can help me my email!

  2. Hi Mario. No I do not have any fonts available. Sorry I am unable to help you! There is a site that offers a free font on the 17th of every month:
    Good luck!!

  3. Thanks Michelle I am so going to try this. lesa