Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Font I Discovered

 Here is a fun font I discovered earlier today while perusing the net, Kingsthings Willow and it's slightly less busy counterpart, Kingsthings Willowless.  Very fun!!  Download them both free here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinosaur Cut Files

I made some dinosaur cut files for a friend's eight year old to put on the walls in his bedroom.  Boys like dinosaurs.  When you are older than five or six though, you like mean looking dinosaurs, none of these T-Rex's with big smiley faces.  So here are the two I came up with.  I am hoping to do a few more as these were fun to make and cut. You will want to pull some of the small detail out of these if you cut them at a smaller size.  The detail was perfect though for the 11.5" height I cut them at.

You can download the ceratoraus here in svg and here in dxf.  You can download the triceratops here in svg and here in dxf.  Happy cutting!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Attention Sports Moms: Part II

Find part one here.
Download in svg here.
Download in dxf here.
Happy Cutting!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attention Sports Moms

Here are some cutting files for the sport's moms out there.  These can be used on shirts, tumblers, water bottles or whatever your creativity dictates.  Lots of options.  You can download the set here in svg format and here in dxf format. When you import it into your cutting program just ungroup the set and delete the ones you do not want.  Then resize and cut!!

I will be posting more of these real soon. I have some other sports mom posts on my blog as well.  Baseball moms, soccer moms, basketball moms This is a fun one too.

I wold love to see projects you make with my files.  I am going to start a reader's gallery of projects using files on my blog.  If you think of it, could you drop me a picture of any of your creations using my files to

Happy cutting!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Subway Art for Inspiration

I love this subway art.  I am going to try and recreate it using vinyl as a stencil.  I will share the file if i ever get it done!!  Wish me luck!!  Sorry for the crappy picture. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blinging It Up!!

I made this shirt for my daughter tonight using my flip flop rhinestone file from this post.  They are all size 10ss stones.  I bought the alphabet file from Rhinestone Alphabets.  It is the RA SingleLine Casual Small font.  It is $10 for upper and lower case letters and numbers.  Their alphabets come in font format (ttf files) but if you are anything like me you like them ready to cut.  If you request the cut file in SVG format and they have it in that format they will send that to you which saves you the time of formatting the font into the cut boxes to cut.  Most of their fonts are $10-12, heck of a deal!!  The font from this post (SPUDS) is also from them. I love to make my own files, but alphabets are time consuming.  For the small amount they charge for a whole alphabet I would rather buy the alphabet and focus my energy on creating the files.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

Thanks for looking!!