Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Bling

Here is a little Halloween bling for you.  When you import it into your program make sure you re-size it to 7.641" wide x 4.108" tall.  This is the size it was made for, and will be perfect for 10ss sized stones.  The size of the file is part of the file name, so you don't need to write it down.  I am a big fan of keeping it simple.
I think this would be a great on a t-shirt with a clever saying with it.  Bite Me is the first thing that pops to mind, but I know there must be other clever sayings that aren't so negative sounding.  Can you think of any fun sayings for this one??  Download the file here is svg format and here in dxf (for Silhouette Studio standard edition users) format.
If you would like the file in non-stoned format, you can download it here in svg and here in dxf.

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