Friday, April 27, 2012

More Bling!!

I am loving the rhinestones, so much fun.  Here is a shirt I made for myself to wear to my daughter's sporting events.  (Our team name is the Spuds - funny huh?!)  I made a matching one for her.  Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peace Love: Bling It or Cut It

I have been getting back to the basics lately with my cutting files. Easier to convert to rhinestone templates; my new favorite thing!! Anyway, I have a peace sign and a peace sign in a heart in both dxf and svg formats for cutting.  The same files are available in the lower portion of this post for size 10ss rhinestone templates.
Find the peace heart here in svg and here in dxf.
Find the peace sign here in svg and here in dxf.

Both rhinestone templates are cut for size 10ss stones. Find the peace heart as a rhinestone template here in svg and here in dxf format.  Find the peace sign here as an svg template and here as a dxf template.  The file measurements in the form of width x height are part of the file name for the template download. If they do not import into your program at that size, resize them appropriately.

Happy Creating!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flip Flops: Bling it or Cut it

Here is a rhinestone template designed for 10ss and 16ss size stone.  The file itself should measure 3.721" wide by 5.140" high.  If it doesn't import into your program at those dimensions re-size it or the holes will not be the right size.  Find the svg file here.  Find the dxf file (for Silhouette Studio) here.

If you want a cut file of flip flops, find these flip flops (and two other pairs of summer shoes - a guys sandal and a dress sandal) here.  Sorry Studio users I haven't converted these to dxf yet for use in your standard version of Studio but you can see how to do that yourself at this post!
Happy creating!!