Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School Spiritware

I made this set of four glasses to donate to the silent auction fundraiser at my daughter's school.  They are so easy and quick.  I made a set last year to donate and they sold immediately for the buy it now price.  Didn't have to go through the silent auction at all.  Everybody wins!!  Thanks for looking!!


  1. Michelle,

    I was looking back through posts to see something to do for my school. I Loveeeee these. Can you post instructions for these? THanks so much for sharing

    1. These are super easy!! Just find some glasses you like. Get some outdoor vinyl in your school colors (oracal 651 and GT5 are the two types I use most often). Cut your school mascot or logo for the front. Cut some polka dota, ovals and/or rings out of school colors to embellish them with and go crazy!!