Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dots, Dots, and More Dots

Here are some polka dot files for you, easy enough to make, but nice to have in lots of sizes.  These can be cut as polka dots to embelish your projects with.  You can also use these to make your own polka dot vinyl.  Just cut a page of the dots, weed, and then transfer all the dots with transfer tape to a base sheet of vinyl in a contrasting color, and presto, you have polka dot vinyl!! 
Find the svg of the small dots here.
Find the svg of the medium dots here.
Find the svg of the large dots here.
Find the svg of the x-large dots here.


  1. These are certainly helpful! Thank you!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas! I have a mac and silhouette cameo and am trying to download the polka dots but it states it can't support it. Any ideas? Thank you!