Thursday, November 4, 2010


I got my first blog award today!! It is even an award with attitude!! Doing the happy dance. Thanks so much to Kim over at Creative Bling for giving me this award!! I so appreciate her creativity and willingness to share her talent!! Check out her blog here. She has some great projects, inspiration, tips and files to share. If you haven't been there, you are missing out!!

In order to accept the award I have to tell you three things that make me and/or my blog different from others and then nominate 5 other blogs to receive this 'tude filled award.

There are so many great bloggers out there with 'tude, I want to pick them all. But I am all about following rules, so stay tuned, the dirty details are coming tomorrow when I edit this post to ID my top 5 and reveal my three things!!

11/5/10 edit

So the five bloggers I am passing this award on to are, in no particular Order:

1.)Yolie over at Just Yolie, Just Create She is so giving of her talent and inspiring to many.
2.)Carrie over at Dittle Dattle. She is always coming up with something new and the next idea is more amazing than the one before!
3. )Denise over at Denises Scrapbooking Room. She is so giving of her files and talent. She has the greatest files and shares them willingly; and she seems like alot of Fun!!
4.)Papa Sue over at My Adventures with Cricut, SCAL and Inkscape. She is she willing to help and to teach and as she says on her blog "teach you to fish."
5.) Aymee over at A Southernbelle's SVG's. Aymee has made some of my very favorite files in the whole world!!
Thank you all for your inspiration and willingness to share your talent.

The last thing, the things different about me and/or my blog are:
1.) I like seeing what others make with my files as much or more than I like making my own creations, I love the feedback from comments left on my blog and get so much out of reading each one of them, so THANK YOU for that!!
2.) I try to include links to files and font types in every single posting so replication is easier. (Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all) LOL!!
3.) I am so blessed and so thankful for the best family and friends in the world. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I am gonna just go with it!!

Thanks again Kim, you rock


  1. Michelle,
    Glad you have "tude"
    Congrats on your award

  2. Thanks so much for the blog award! It is fun to get something! Thanks so much. Love your monogram frame above too!


  3. Thank you for the award! This a new one for me :D