Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's Go To Disney!!

My daughter is going on a Disney Cruise and then spending a few days in Disney World with her Dad, her aunt and uncle and two of her younger cousins. We thought she should have a couple t-shirts to take with her, and we could not leave the little ones out!!

The biggest challenge in this project was finding toddler sized t-shirts with nothing on them. It is safe to say there are no summer clothes left in Minnesota!! Once I did find them, I hit the jackpot though, .99 each, yahoo!! At that price, they got a pair to shorts to match!!

We made the top shirt for Macy (my daughter) to wear at Disney World. She placed, layered and applied all of the vinyl in this one. I am so proud of her, she did such an awesome job. Not bad for a nine-year old. The next ones are for Macy and her cousins to wear on their cruise. The Wonder, Dream and Magic are the names of the Disney ships. We put their last names on the back.
My hubby is gone this weekend on a motorcycle trip and my daughter leaves for Florida after her game tomorrow. What that means is I have 26 hours alone in my house.
What shall I do . . . hmmmmmm . . .


  1. I LOVE these! We are going on a cruise in September and I want to make these! Do you have the files for these?
    Email me at:


  2. I would love the files for these as well - they are gorgeous! Email me at & thank you!

  3. ADORABLE! We are going to disney next week, then my daughter's birthday party is a Minnie Mouse party..could you please send me the minnie silhouette and bow file? Thank you!

  4. I love your work, so cute. I have been search for a cutting file for the minnie mouse bow, are you sharing that file? If so I would love to have it for a 50th birthday party I'm doing. Thanks in advance

  5. Are the file available email me at

  6. Do you share your files? If so, I'd love to have these.

  7. I would like these files if possible as well!