Monday, February 20, 2012

Houndstooth Tumbler Wrap

Here is another tumbler wrap; and yes, there are more on the way. Remember, all of my wraps are sized for the 16 oz tumblers from Silkletter. If you use a different tumbler they will likely not fit and will need to resized. If you are not sure, print it out on paper first in the size I give, cut it out with a scissors and wrap the paper around your tumbler to see how it wraps before wasting any vinyl.
This is a houndstooth style wrap.
Depending on what program you bring it into, it may come in at something other than its actual size. The houndstooth wrap should be 11.421 imches wide by 5.907 inches high. Download it here in SVG format. Download it here in DXF (silhouette studio compatible) format.
If you cut the houndstooth wrap let me know how it works, I haven't cut it yet. Thanks for looking. More wraps coming.