Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Couple More Tumbler Wraps

Here are two more tumbler wraps;  there are more on the way.   All of my wraps are sized for the 16 oz tumblers from Silkletter.  If you use a different tumbler they will likely not fit and will need to resized.  If you are not sure, print it out on paper first in the size I give, cut it out with a scissors and wrap the paper around your tumbler to see how it wraps before wasting any vinyl. 

First one is a swirl  pattern wrap.
Depending on what program you bring  it into, it may come in at something other than its actual size.  The swirl wrap should be 11.3062 wide by 5.6162 high.  Download it here in SVG format.  Download it here in DXF (silhouette studio compatible) format. 
Here is a blank template for the wraps if you have some patterns you would like to make into a wrap but can't bend and warp it the right way.  (If you have a relatively recent version of Make the Cut there is a feature that does this for you.)  Download the blank wrap here in SVG format. Download it here in DXF (silhouette studio compatible) format. The blank wrap measures 11.5694" wide and 6.2490" high.

If you cut the swirl wrap let me know how it works, I haven't cut it yet.  Thanks for looking.  More wraps coming this week.


  1. Hi Michelle! I was looking for tumbler wraps for Silhouette Studio and found your blog. I'm having some issues with the files. All of the SVGs show up blank both in the library and on the virtual cutting board. All of the DXFs crash Silhouette Studio upon upload. Do you have any advice?

  2. Hi Gigi. When you use the dxf files and studio launch your studio software first. Go to open and on the pull down menu on the bottom of the open window, selct all files instead of just silhouette files. Then, through that window go to where your wrap file is saved and open the dxf file. It shouldn't crash. Not sure why yours is. I just opened the blank tumler wrap in my standard version of studio. Remember to use open for DXF files. Do not try and open them through the library, just use the software. Does that solve your problem. So sorry you are having difficulty!!

  3. Hi Michelle! Thank you for sharing such great files!! I'm having a lot of fun going through your site. :-) I just started following your blog.

  4. These are awesome! I am just entering the "Silhouette World" and I love it! Can you email me the file? Whenever I attempt to open it, it says that the file isn't there. Thanks again for sharing your awesome work.

  5. Do you happen to have a wrap for a 20 oz tumbler