Monday, November 28, 2011

Scrolly Fleur de Lis Frame

I made this frame for a friend to use for some holiday gifts.  I took the basic design from a cocktail napkin and simplified it a bit to cut better.  You can download it here in svg format if you like it.  Thanks for looking.

Here is a project my friend Cami made using this file. Find her facebook page full of her awesome vinyl projects here. She ungrouped it in SCAL and increased the space between the top and the bottom  so she had room for the whole name.  Thanks so much for sharing Cami, LOVE IT!! 

Remember if you are going to apply vinyl to a cutting board flip your image before you cut it and apply to the BOTTOM of the cutting board!  Happy Cutting!!


  1. OMG that would be beautiful on the wall in vinyl :) Thanks for sharing the file :)

  2. What is her name on Facebook? The link sent me to my wall not hers. Thanks

  3. Her name on facebook is "Vinyl Designs by Cami Sagvold". It should take you direct to her facebook page, unless you are not signed in to facebook on the computer you are using. Thanks for asking!! :)

  4. I have a Cricut (and SCAL) but I don't know how to download your I a numbskull?

  5. Just click on the svg download link, it is the underlined word "here." It will take you to the Box site that has the file. There is a large download button on the page. Hit that and choose where to save your file on your hard drive, then save. Should work with SCAL, You will need to import the file to SCAL. I used it with my cricut for ever. Let me know if you have trouble. An no, you are not a numbskull!! :)