Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dots, Ovals, and Rings . . . Using Your Scraps

Dots, ovals and rings make great embellishments for many projects.  I use them on glasses, tumblers, soaps, about anything.  All in vinyl of course.  You can click here to download this SVG of a simple circle ring and oval ring. The great thing about these is you can use the outside ring and the inside dot or oval, no waste!  You cut a whole sheet of these or a mini sheet from your scraps, and have them available when you want to throw together a quick soap or wine glass.
Here is how I do it:
1.  I place the shape/shapes on the mat that I want to cut
2.  I copy the object
3.  I do a paste autofill.  If I am cutting a whole sheet I cut at this point.
5.  When I am cutting scraps what I like to do is open a second page in my SCAL project. Then I place my scrap/scraps on my cutting mat and say if I have a scrap the is 4" x 9" I will go to the page that I auto filled with my shape and select and copy an area that is 4" x 9" and paste it on the clean page in the same area of the virtual mat where I placed my scrap.  Does that make sense?  It is the quickest way for me to cut lots of shapes out of my scraps.  Happy scrappin'!!

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  1. What a great idea! Makes me wish I had a V-8!! Lol!! Thanks, MIchelle!