Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pint Glasses

I made a few personalized pint glasses today.  Vinyl works great on glassware as long as you use "outdoor" vinyl (Oracal 651) and let the vinyl cure for about two weeks before putting in the dishwasher.  These are top rack dishwasher safe in most dishwashers.  If you have a SUPER hot cycle on your dishwasher, it is best to handwash.  Thanks for looking!!


  1. I like the fonts you chose!
    And the pink and black and white polka dots are REALLY cute!!
    I have actually made glasses using the vinyl negative as a stencil with etching creme and it was super EASY and looks really elegant too!!

  2. I buy my outdoor vinyl from H&H sign. If you order more the $50 on your first order the disocunt code FIRSTORDER gets you free shipping. Great deals and vinyl. Smaller quantities I get from either or

  3. Thanks for the tip on the vinyl. I probably would have used the regular Oracle 631 and been disappointed when it peeled. I LOVE your work and thanks for your generosity in sharing all the files. I don't have that ability and am ever so grateful for people sharing their talents.

  4. Am I wrong, or is 631 rated for a 3 year outdoor life? I don't have the brochure in front of me, but I believe that's what is says??? I'm getting ready to use some for vehicle lettering so please help! Thanks!!

  5. Hi Christy.
    631 isn't rated for outdoor use. I wouldn't put it on glasses or a surface that is washed frequently. That being said, I used it on my mailbox a year ago and it is holding up GREAT. (And I live in Northern Minnesota, so harsh weather) I have also used it for car decals that were somewhat seasonal. (Not going to be on for more than a year.) Hope that helps!!

  6. Thanks for the follow-up Michelle! I am really confused now. I am looking at the Oracal Graphic Films Color Guide and in the 631 Exhibition Cal section it says "Outdoor Durability - 3 years". Am I mis-reading something? I have sooo much to learn about this stuff!! Thanks again!

  7. Just to get ideas, what fonts did you use for the glasses

    1. Hi Lisa. It was so long ago when I did those glasses I don't remember, i am sorry. A few of my favorites these days are Pacifico, Boyz R Gross, Inspiration, Sweetheart Script, Cheri, Barbie, P22 Corinthia, Hobo Becker, Brush Script, and LD Delightful. Good luck and Have fun!!