Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Cross: UPDATED 4/11

Seems the perfect time of year for this file. Someone on the Smart Buy Gal Forum, one of the message boards I frequest, wanted a file similar to this converted from a picture. Well, I couldn't get the file to convert, so I made my own version using the basic shapes library in SCAL. Download the svg of the plain cross here and put your own word in it. Download the svg of the FAITH cross here. Font on FAITH is Georgia with a shadow applied in SCAL.

4/11 UPDATE:  I added a shadow file for the cross here.  Thanks FayeP from SmartBuyGal for the idea.  The second picture is how the file looks shadowed!!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Love these. Came over from Smartgal. Thanks!

  2. These are very nice. Thank you

  3. These are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing as I have being looking for a nice cross for a confirmation card and could not find one until now so greatfull that you shared this file.