Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There was no school on President's Day so I took my daughter and a couple of her friends to a paint your own pottery place.  Very cool business, and the girls love it.  You can pick a piece of unpainted ceramic pottery, paint it yourself, then you leave it there and they fire it for you.  I used my Cricut to cut a vinyl stencil to see how it worked on the unfinished pottery.  I dare say, it worked great.  here are a couple pics.  I will post the finished product once it is fired.  Thanks for looking!!

UPDATE 2/27/11:  Here is the final product.  I am a little disappointed.  I need to go back and try it again when I have more time to let the paint dry so I can do more coats and get an more even look.  I am pleased with the crisp lines, but would have liked to see the paint be more even and darker.  Next time, thanks again for looking!!

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