Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lets Wordle!!

Here is super cool web site for you.  I first learned of it from Leslie.  She has the greatest ideas and shares them all so willingly.  Find her blog here. 

Here is her post about Wordle.  I saw the awesome cards she made and played with Wordle a bit and loved it.  However, I am neither a cardmaker nor a papercrafter so I was at a loss as to what I could do with this cool site.  I figured it out.  I made an SVG to cut in vinyl for my office.  Now that I figured it out, I will be making many more Wordles to cut from vinyl.  It's not exactly rocket science, but since I am so pleased with myself *wink* let me try to tell you how I did it. 
1.  Go to http://www.wordle.net/. Click on Create your own. 
2.  Follow the directions to make your own super cool word collage.  Type all your words in with a hard return after each word.  You can type in up to 150 words.  (Although if you are going to cut them I would keep it below 30 words so they do not get too small.)  If you want a word(s) bigger than the others, type it in twice!!  Once you type them all in hit GO.  Arrange them however you would like under the layout menu.  Choose a "chunky" font from the font menu.  Under color choose black and white. 
3.  Once you have completed your Wordle and laid it out the way you like it, hit the print screen button on your computer.  Open up a photo editing software or Microsoft Paint.  Hit control V (paste).  This will paste your screen shot in your window.  Crop the pasted screen image so you only have your Wordle left.  Save it as a jpg file. 
4.  Open up the jpg SCAL, choose trace image from the file menu.  Select the browse button and select the jpg of your saved Wordle.  If you made it black and white a brightness setting of 50 should do a good job of tracing it.  Hit Ok.  This is what my traced Wordle looked like in preview mode of scal.  Pretty cool huh??
5.  Then I added a double rectangle around it and put the bow on top from this blog post.  I am going to cut it as a wall vinyl to add to the holiday decor in my office.  (These are the names of my coworkers.)  I plan on adding snowflakes to the open areas, cutting the names in silver and gold with silver and gold snowflakes, a black box and a red bow.  It will be on a dark plum colored wall.  I'll likely cut the bow on a seperate mat and layer it on top so I can make it bigger.  I'll take a picture when I cut it.  But for now, I just had to show you my use for Wordle!! 
Thanks for looking.  Happy Wordling!!


  1. Michelle,
    I love it. Thanks so much for sharing the link. This will be so cool for cards.

  2. Very cool Michelle!! I posted my t-shirt from the file you sent me... I used it on my Daughters & my shirt, my sons & hubby's I found a plain Mickey shilloutte head. Thanks again for sharing that Minnie file!