Sunday, March 10, 2013

My iPad case

I applied heat transfer vinyl to my iPad case yesterday.  Love the result, it is my monogrammed initials.  Surprisingly the case stood up to a 305 temp on my press (I  took the iPad out before pressing)  LOL
I figured it was made out of BPA laced pleather (faux leather) for the $11 price I paid for it on ebay (including shipping, a screen protecter, and a stylus).
The cool thing about the design is that it is the same monogram, with a little different look, either way you look at it:

Right side up
Upside down
I have magic initials!! This is my new favorite font (at least for today) called Wendy Medium.  It is a great handwritten script style font that welds great!!  Find it here for free.
Thanks for looking!!

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  1. how do you layer your fonts like that?