Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zebra Tumbler Wrap

Here is the tumbler wrap I used on one of the tumblers in this post.  There is a bit of a trick to it though.  Depending on what program you use it with and how you have your import/open settings set, it may or may not bring it in at its actual size.  To make sure, once you bring it into whatever program you use click on it and make certain its measurements are 11.548 wide and 5.9 something high.  If they are not, lock the proportions in your program and type in the above width and it should automatically size your height.  Another thing, this wrap is sized for the 16 oz. size tumblers from silkletter.  It will not work so well on another sized tumbler.  Good, luck I hope someone can use it!! Download here in SVG format.  Download here in DXF format.


  1. Thank you! I'll have to play around with it if I can't find tumblers to fit this :) Love it!

  2. I don't have the program for this design (yet) but I know of so many uses for it whenever that time comes!

  3. These are awesome, thanks so much