Friday, October 14, 2011

Creepy Soap!

My daughter had a blast making halloween soap dispensers tonight.  We bought some clear soft soap (coconut ginger - smells great) at the dollar store and pulled the label off the front.  While at the dollar store we also picked up some plastic creepy looking things, spiders, insects and such.  After wiping the soap containers off with goo gone, she shoved a few plastic, creepy, crawly things into each soap dispenser.  Then comes the best part; she created her first SVG in SCAL; the spider web.  She cut it out of silver vinyl and put one on the front of each soap dispenser (we made 4). She is the vinyl princess.  She can cut, weed and layer with the best of them. (she is 10!)  This was her first shot at making a file.  I am very proud of her.
Word to the wise if you make these soap dispensers: if you dont care if it is soap or hand sanitizer, use the hand sanitizer.  The creepy platic things tend to float to the top in the soap bottles.  And oh yeah, Macy wants to share her file with you, so find the svg of the spider web here.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Great job Macy...thanks for sharing your file!

  2. These are really cute! Thank you for sharing the file!

  3. Great job!! seems like a very fun project to do.