Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Vinyl Tile

My friend Cami made this awesome tile using Regal font for the J in the middle and the swirly frame you can find here.  Cami:  What font is Jenn, Noah & Laura done in??

9/8/11 UPDATE:  Cami tells me the font on the names is Harrington.  Thanks Cami!!

Great job Cami, thanks for sharing!!


  1. I wasn't able to get the frame. it was onlyjthe outline of the entire box. no cut out at all.
    Can you please help me to get this SVG file?

  2. Hi Sandra. The whole file is there, your preview must be blacking it out. What program do you use?? If it is SCAL just do a preview and you will see the outline. (Not preview all) Sorry you are having trouble. Let me know if your troubles persist. Thanks!!

  3. What a beautiful frame! Thanks so much for sharing. Lisa

  4. I am also having the same problem with the boarder being blacked out. Also what site did she get the 2 fonts from? I tried dafont with no luck! Thank you.

  5. I was actually able to find both fonts a fonts2u dot com.